Friday, November 30, 2012

as told by david henry

We’re getting pretty tight
Today, by way of variety, I’m letting my grandson, David, write the post. But you’ll have to allow for the fact that he’s only 13-months.
DATELINE VALRICO – Another epic day with my grandparents. Here’s a pic of me with grandaddy. He’s pretty cool for an old dude.
Grandaddy is funny about this “nap” thing. He keeps trying, day after day. He’s like, “It’s nap-time, David,” and I’m all, “Yo, gramps, this aint no kindergarten!” Hey, what can I say, I’m from Connecticut (it’s not like my parents let me watch The Sopranos!).
But I really do like him. Every time he introduces me to someone new I hold on extra tight and nuzzle my face into his neck. He seems to think that’s a big deal because he smiles a lot and then sometime he wipes his eyes.
Tackle Grandmama
REBEKAH: Grandma Rebekah cracks me up. I like to tackle her when she’s not expecting it. She goes down pretty easy, you know. But she’s all smiles, and she tells the best stories. She said she can’t wait to tell me some extra-good stories about my mama.
When Grandma says goodnight she puts her hand on my head and she prays for me; I don’t know why, but my heart feels so good and so peaceful when she does that.
IMG_2688SCOUT: That dog sure puts up with a lot! I tried putting her leash on for about half an hour this afternoon. All she did was sigh, get up, move across the room, lie down, look over at me, and sigh again. Then she rolls her eyes.
Scout stays as still and as quiet as she can to pretend she’s invisible. But then I find her again. She must have moved at least a gazillion times.
Sidewalks are the best!
WALKS: Grandaddy takes me for lots of walks. I just figured out this walking thing and I can’t get enough of it. Do you know how cool it is to listen to the sound of your own feet going up and down the hallway? Fifty times? It’s the best!
And the grands have sidewalks on their street. I’m going to ask my daddy to build me one. Sidewalks are so much fun!
Later Grandaddy took me to see the great-grandparents in Sarasota. They’re even funnier than grandaddy.
I learned a new game in Sarasota. I made it up. It’s called “Run through the house with both hands in the air while squealing.” Grandaddy said I reminded him of someone called “E.T.”
WORN OUT: What I don’t understand is why Grandma and Grandaddy look so tired all the time? It’s like they can’t keep up or something?
So tomorrow I might consider taking one of those naps they keep talking about. Just to keep things fair. It’s the least I can do.
so much to do and so little time…
But I am having so much fun. I really love it here, and it’s wonderful to know how much love there is in this house. The week’s going to be over before I get half the things done I had planned.
Wait, I know what I can do, I could trade in some of those naps for more fun stuff. That’s right, and I’ll get up earlier too….

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