Friday, July 9, 2010

Book Retreat is Complete!

I think I can safely say that my new book is done! Just a few small detail edits over the next few days as I run it off, a chapter at a time, before shipping to my publisher Tuesday. It's always a bitter-sweet moment to type in a final sentence, hit "save" and realize that a nine-month project has been completed. It's both exciting and sad.

I felt so good about the conclusion that I actually broke out into spontaneous applause when I struck the period at the end of the final sentence!

Having the "writer's retreat" (at the Grace and David Maul Retreat Center, above left) to finish up gave me the necessary opportunity to concentrate, and put all the pieces together with a sense of continuity. That was the plus side. The down side was being away from home for a few days.

The experience reminded me of why my dream is still to generate enough income from book sales and speaking engagements that I can set aside my "reporting" work, and concentrate on these more creative, long-term opportunities.

So here's my goal - and it's still fairly modest. I'd like to see annual sales increase by at least 50%, and I'd like to have two solid speaking engagements each month.

Meanwhile, I'll be getting my new manuscript in the mail. It's going to be edited over the next few months, go to the page design and cover concept people, final decisions will be made as to the title, and the good folk in marketing will just be drooling over the huge sales and exposure possibilities :-)

And one final note - I had to include this photo. See the speed limit "18 mph". You have to know that in the face of such specific legalism I always do my best to hit 19 on the straightaway!

All this and more!
I'm getting kind of excited about it - DEREK

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