Friday, July 16, 2010

Creative in the image of God

When I finished printing off the manuscript to my new book this week (even in the digital age my contract calls for a hard-copy for the initial reading), I was immediately excited about what's coming next. Not what's coming next in terms of the book so much as what new book is coming next.

Because the journey has become - for me - the best part of the process. I enjoy the creative discipline, the evolution of a project, as much if not more than the completed work.

There are several distinct chapters in the life of a book.
  • The idea
  • The proposal - and selling the proposal
  • Writing the book (this is the best part!)
  • Editing and production
  • Release
  • Marketing
  • Talking about the book (another best part)
This time I had what I consider a genius plan as I finished up, and am using the final chapter to launch my direction for what's coming next. So, already, I'm back at the top of the list ("The idea") for book #5.

If I am being creative, then I am truly living in a way that honors my designation as "Made in the image of God." God is - by definition - constantly creating and re-creating. I believe we are all at our best when we embrace what it means to live into that image.


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Traci said...

Your blog today reminds me of one I wrote for the student center last week:

ps. I enjoy reading your blog everyday! =)