Thursday, July 15, 2010

I've looked at clouds from both sides now...

(photo from a recent flight to Texas) This morning the air was delicious. Lots of rain yesterday evening - it was a bona fide deluge - and it left the air fresh for the morning walk.

Then, and it always amazes me how unique every day is, the sunrise was spectacular. Looking west, where huge cumulus clouds were already billowing, the early light caught the underside and it was glorious. Bright whites, deep blues, dense blacks and a soft grey advertised the coming day as most likely a mixture of storms and showers and sunshine. I always say I don't like too much humidity, but this moisture-laden Central Florida air today makes for a dramatic color palette as God paints the sky.

And I thought about how the sky tells such a rich story about creation, and how it achieves its witness simply by being its most splendid self.

The best apologetic is to live well. To live as if the Creator actually is working in us. To live as if we believe.

Yesterday evening a couple of friends came over to the house for coffee and conversation. We talked about why we're interested in a deeper, more complete, more extensive spiritual life. The bottom line was that life is simply better when we're connected to God.

Rather than telling others they're wrong, or that they're going to hell if they don't believe like us, it really makes more sense to live in the truth of a salvation that is all about "participating in the work of God."

And the work of God is expressed in so many creative ways on this good Earth. The amazing clouds, the ocean, spectacular mountains, the cardinals in our oak trees, flowers in full bloom... and in lives lived well. Lives lived in the truth of God's unconditional and uncompromising love.

Grace and peace - DEREK

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