Thursday, July 8, 2010

To post or not to post...

Yesterday I didn’t post a blog. I was writing all day, but none of it seemed able to translate from book stuff to something that fit in this – daily – format.

Initially that concerned me, because I don’t want to do any writing that doesn’t have the potential to tie in with what’s going on in my life, and yours, on any given day. If I don’t write with a sense of immediacy, then what’s the point?

But then I realized that I had completely crawled inside my book world yesterday. It’s almost like working on a 50-story building: I was two-thirds through and immersed to the point that everything I was thinking and writing was tied in to the Big Picture of the entire project. I simply couldn’t leave for a few minutes to blog (back down on the sidewalk) and then try to climb back up to the 36th floor and pick up where I’d left off.

So today I’m making this short post at the front end of the day, then I’m climbing back into the book and I’m not coming out till it’s done.

Everything today hinges on the final chapter. I’m almost afraid to give anything away but I’ll just say this – it’s the “So What” of the Easter story:
- Jesus died… well so what?
- They say he defeated the grave… well, so what?
- You say/I say/we say everything about our faith hinges on Easter… Well, so what!?... It’s Monday, and it’s the day after Easter. How is my life any different? or do I even want it to be? So What.

All righty then, it looks like I started work in the book – time to change hats for the remainder or the day…
Peace - DEREK

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