Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rays baseball. Big loss, huge amounts of fun!

Well, that was an education!

Rebekah and I attended our first Rays baseball game in a long long time, and showed up on a night when they really didn't play baseball! Fortunately, we were with a bunch of great friends from church, so we enjoyed the evening regardless.

But, really, we have the team with the second best record in baseball - pretty much neck and neck with the Yankees right now, it's a Friday night, and there's still just a handful over 20,000 people watching the game - that's not much more than half full - if that.

So for me, that's pretty much an affirmation that St. Petersburg essentially doesn't want a baseball team in their city, and they really have no room to complain if the new ballpark gets built on the Tampa side of the Howard Franklin.

We car-pooled over with Peggie, Gerard, Karin and David, and arrived in time to spend $30 on a hamburger and fries before the game got under way.

It was good to be there, out with friends, nothing to do but laugh, hold hands with Rebekah, and watch baseball. So I'll leave it at that, and post a few pictures to go with the story.

One thing I must share. This picture to the left is "The whiff that cost 20,000 pizzas"! It was the tenth strike out for the Rays pitchers. So, even though we lost big time, there was a tremendous cheer for K # 10. It was, by the late innings, the only thing left to root for!

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