Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Word to fellow-travelers

I'm feeling the need to spend a few days - or better yet a couple of weeks - dedicated simply to smelling the roses (yes, I know that flower's not a rose, but it was sitting in our garden looking pretty so - for me - it fits!). I love my work, but there have been several huge projects over the past couple of months that have pretty-much stretched my capacity and left me feeling spent.

Consequently, I feel like I've dried up, creatively. It's like I poured everything I have into the new book (I'm running off the final few chapters today and getting it in the mail tomorrow) and now I'm running on empty.

My solution? I'm going to read! I've just launched into Ken Follet's epic "World Without End" (it's an 1,100 page novel set in the mid 1300s, and makes a nice, light, follow-up to "A Distant Mirror", the more scholarly approach to the 14th Century we recently finished), and I'm reading a fascinating book called "Blink", by the author of "the Tipping Point".

Also, and every day, I'll be exposing myself to a fair amount of Bible. I plan to let it all soak in while I do my more standard reporting and general "content" writing for various newspapers and web sites.

Consequently, I anticipate a fairly run-of-the-mill week of blogging. But, hang in there - you never knew what might pop up in this space.

Peace and blessings - DEREK

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