Thursday, July 12, 2012

morning psalm and stunning images

Early morning mist across Lake Junaluska
Photographs for Memories: This morning I awoke with the first light. The windows were all open to let in the cooler mountain air, so I didn’t have to wait for an alarm.

Low clouds were ushering in a light morning rain, and everything was completely quiet; it was as if the view itself was my wakening psalm.

I felt this way yesterday evening, too, as a walked around the lake with my camera and few words adequate to capture the sense of tranquility.

So I’ll simply add this slideshow, featuring a few of yesterday’s photographs. But, as you enjoy the images, indulge my intentions here by allowing yourself to open your heart to the God who was present on my walk, and is present as I write.

(You'll probably have to go to for the slide show)

Peace – in every way – DEREK

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