Thursday, July 19, 2012

the beauty of people, creation, and art

Naomi’s latest painting!
Lord, our Lord,
    how majestic is your name in all the earth!
You have set your glory 
    in the heavens. (Psalm 8)
ometimes I am simply blown away by the beauty and creativity in this world. My recent trip to North Carolina and West Virginia was no exception.

Then, just as often, I am overwhelmed by the beauty of people. Again, the two sets of participants at the conferences I attended reminded me of what wondrous creations we all are.

Then, there is creativity, art and imagination. If we really are made in the image of God, then creativity is a way that we can honor that truth.

The original “inspiration” photo
CREATIVITY: So I’ll start with creativity. I believe that we all are gifted in unique ways, and we deny the image of God in us inasmuch as we repress the light of imagination. In some people the gift is more obvious, and our daughter, Naomi, is a great example. It’s not just the art on canvas, but the art of how she lives, effervesces – even how she is with our grandson.

Naomi did the painting featured in the photograph (above) for Rebekah’s birthday this week. It was inspired by this photograph, taken in our garden a couple of weeks ago (left). Paintings that look like exact replicas of reality are nice… but I tend to enjoy impressionism more, because of the emotional component. Paintings like Naomi’s communicate the essence of the visual impression, but then add an interpretive response that brings their own creativity into play. Love, love, love this picture!

God’s good people enjoying good times…
PEOPLE: When we read the paper, or watch television news shows, the emphasis tends toward stories about crisis, tragedy, crime and politics (yes, I realize the word politics fits in quite tidily in that list!). If we’re not careful, we can develop the impression that this is the story of our world.

People, however, tend toward the beautiful if we really learn to pay attention. I’m not saying there’s not a crying need for redemption, only that God’s creation is fundamentally good. And this has been a couple of weeks where I have met and had the privilege to get to know some spectacular examples of God’s good work.

NATURE: Finally, and I’ve posted some amazing images over the past few days, the beauty of creation makes me catch my breath.

So I’ll close this post with what is often referred to as a “Sight Psalm.” Just look, take in the beauty of creation, and be drawn into the presence of God.

I am so privileged to enjoy the gift of clarity – eyes that can see the glory and the beauty that is ours to enjoy every single day. And I am grateful – DEREK
Early morning at Lake Junaluska

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