Monday, July 2, 2012

What I really think about my wife's family

Faith and Steve Hayden emerge from Providence Presbyterian Church after the ceremony, Saturday afternoon
Okay, so I’m all exited about Andrew and Alicia, and I’m all goofy over our grandson, David. But we were here for a wedding, and it was a most beautiful and love-charged occasion.

Rebekah is one of five siblings, so it’s a rare and precious privilege to get them all together at one time. Plus all ten grandchildren (on her parents’ side), especially now that some of them live literally thousands of miles away.

Jesse, Joe, Rebekah, Rachel and Roy
LOVE AND COOPERATION: And the spirit of cooperation was phenomenal. Everyone worked hard on something, from cooking to set-up to clean up and more. This was truly a family effort; it was the Alexander definition of family unity at its best.

There are probably 100 great pictures I could share, and I promise to make up a highlight album to paste on facebook after we get home. But here are just two or three that comment on what I’m talking about.

Seth and Jared (Heather and Jesse’s boys)
COOL KIDS: I have to say we have the world’s best nieces and nephews. They have great attitudes, they know how to have fun, and they love one-another. I’ve got to believe it has something to do with their parents… and with their grandparents, Bob and Nell Alexander.

Bob and Nell would have been proud to have been in Virginia Beach this weekend. They may have passed away several years ago, but they are still blessing this world through this beautiful family.
Peace and love – DEREK

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