Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Channeling Robert Frost

As you can see from the blog "header", and from the picture of me and Rebekah, today we took the "cog-railroad" to the top of Mount Washington. Yes, it was (more than) a little chilly up there! And, yes, the views are amazingly spectacular. We could see more than 120 miles. We could see Canada. We could see our breath.

The world is so big from the top of Mount Washington that it can't begin to be more than partially represented on a photograph. The best a picture can do is to tell a small piece of the story. And believe me even the best photography is just a hint of the wonder we experienced today on that mountain.

I feel that way sometimes when I'm writing about my experiences with God. I'm a good writer... but all I can do is to offer a glimpse - which brings me to the other slice of this day: This morning Rebekah and I found the Robert Frost Home, nestled in a very quiet corner of the White Mountains. The place features a meandering walk through the woods with a few well-loved Frost poems on display.

Frost's signal achievement - to my mind - was his ability to convey real sentiment and profound truth in just a few lines. I was inspired. Just maybe, in this Twenty-first Century of sound-bite and fast-forward, I can deliver enough of a taste of what I'm experiencing to keep people meandering through the garden of my prose.

Keep listening in. Be patient. Just maybe I'll deliver.


Charles said...

It's because you use the road less traveled by, isn't it?

kathy k said...

You're in my "other" neck of the woods - sure is beautiful. We miss you.