Monday, October 11, 2010

New England Inn

There's a cliché in the world of writing that pairs authors with New England Inns, where they hunker down to write their magnum opus that wins the American Book Award or a Pulitzer. Later, they return to craft the great story into a screen play.

Well, I've got the New England Inn, thank you very much. And I've also got the idea, or at least the general direction for the Great Novel. But, alas, I'm coming up short in the way of a grant or a sponsor to pay the bills for six months while the epic pours out of me!

Not to worry, though. Rebekah and I are ensconced here at the Christmas Farm Inn for a full four and a half days. We've scheduled hiking, leaf-peeping, a trip up Mount Washington (weather permitting), and epic scenic drives. There's inspiration a-plenty around these parts, and if I don't have time to crank out my novel at least I can guarantee two or three decent blog posts.

Stay tuned in, we'll keep you posted.
Love and blessings - Derek

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