Thursday, October 7, 2010

Prime Steak, Good Conversation & Restoration

Thursday was a good evening at Rachel and Tom's home. It was cool, clear and refreshing. Then Reed (now my favorite nephew for reasons that will soon become apparent) showed up with a bag full of steaks. He cooked them on the grill and we paired them with yummy crisp veggies. Now that's what I call being an awesome nephew.
When I heard that the steaks were coming, I made my way to the grocery store to procure a bottle of most excellent Chianti (Italy 2009 made a Chianti believer out of me).

It's always a treat to sit around a table with good food and people you love. Conversation is a too-often neglected art, but not so this week on the McMahan porch. We were pleased to enjoy a good dose of quality dialogue to accompany the fine vittles.

Reed has perfected the art of steak grilling as a manager at Outback... and we have perfected the art of steak eating in as many venues as possible. So it was an evening made to order, so to speak.

It's what tends to happen when we relax and let a good day just wash around us. We'll be doing a lot more of that over the next couple of weeks. Fine food, great conversation, renewed spirits. It's what the doctor ordered.

Redemption and renewal, part III.

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