Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ramping up our sense of "Being"...

Thursday... Virgina Beach. And hanging on the back porch at Rachel's house (Rebekah's sister).

The photo says - Derek and Rebekah eased their way to the coffee pot well after Eight O'clock and that may well be the extent of their adventures for the day...

I'm not sure, but the theme of this vacation may well be the "timer-remote" camera shot. Derek & Rebekah... somewhere.

That's the point. We're somewhere and we don't care where... and we're together and we care deeply about that. Sometimes vacation isn't about re-invention; it's about being.

It's a truth that we can't accomplish much in the way of "doing" until we come to grips with "being". This vacation is all about being.

Serendipity. Yesterday evening we went to Rachel and Tom's church for Wednesday evening Bible-study. Who should be there but the man who invited me to keynote the 2011 Presbyterian Men's National Conference! The conference theme is slated to be, "In Life and in Death We Belong to the Lord."

It's already a key element of what it means to be on our vacation. "Belonging to the Lord" brings the unity, that compelling sense of continuity, to our experience. We don't care so much what we're doing as the fact that we're doing it in the context of relationship... and that's a relationship that includes our "resting" in the awesome to contemplate fact of God's love.

Until I next make my way to a computer - that's attached to the Internet - love and blessings - DEREK

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Deborah said...

How cool! What a small are becoming known wherever you go...Neat!