Sunday, October 17, 2010

Let Me Count the Ways...

As you can see, I've changed the blog "banner" once again. I really had to, as we are no longer freezing our rear-ends off up Mt. Washington but, instead, enjoying the resplendent colors of New England Fall around Moodus, Connecticut.

Today, Sunday afternoon, we have been relaxing around Naomi and Craig's home. It was such a treat to spend this morning at church together, the four of us comfortably filling the traditional gated pew at the local congregational house of worship.

The preacher talked about Psalm 119 (the longest chapter in the Bible). The psalm begins by suggesting we all live according to God's law, and then - in essence - outlines 176 ways we could go about doing this. The point, of course, is that living our faith out loud is an art form.

I love the idea that we could take 176 passes at the idea of "Blessed are those who... walk in the way of the Lord." I suspect that 176 would be just a warm up. More likely - and I may just write the book - 365 takes on the foundational concept "What does it mean to live faith out loud, a one year experiment a day at a time."

I guess I'll add it to my list. Somewhere here soon I have to wade into the next project. Maybe this will be it.

Peace - DEREK


Pastor Jeff Arp said...

Great thought Friend! Thanks for posting! Glad to see you are blessed! Love the current banner btw!

Deborah said...

Derek, I LIKE that book idea!