Thursday, October 14, 2010

I have Super-Powers!

Yesterday I decided that I quite possibly have super-powers. The moment I had this revelation was during a hike through the woods around Flume Gorge here in the White Mountains.

Everything about the afternoon was perfect. The fall colors were crisp and luminous; the path through the woods was inviting; the walk through the gorge was breathtaking; my sense of satisfaction at enjoying such a day with Rebekah gave me peace. I felt at one not only with creation but with the Creator.

What I understood, in that moment (or long series of moments over the entire day), was a heightened ability to see clearly, to perceive everything around me to what felt like the fullness of possibility. It appeared to me that I owned a super-natural ability to sense (think, feel, see, hear, intuit, apprehend...), and that I was doing it in four distinct dimensions.

Thinking about this, I realize that it wasn't (isn't) super-power so much as it is fully engaging everything that is and should be natural for us as beings created in the image of God.

I believe it is just as accurate to say that too much of the time too many of us engage the world with dulled sensibilities and zero imagination.

This is what vacation is supposed to be. It's supposed to involve re-creation, renewed spiritual sensitivity, and the opportunity to appreciate and enjoy this amazing world like never before.

My prayer is that I bring this back with me when we return home, and that I will continue to exercise my super-powers - with thanksgiving and with joy.

Peace - DEREK


Steve Finnell said...

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Charles said...

As you have suggested, what you are calling "super powers" aren't really "super" at all. They are the capacities and skills that God created us to be. The "fall" is our trading our birthright for a bowl of beans, i.e., life as we usually experience it, day to day. When we see someone manifesting these original gifts, or experience it ourselves, we call it miraculous because we have settled for so much less.