Sunday, October 10, 2010

White Mountains etc.

Picture - me with the White Mountains as a backdrop. Taken Sunday afternoon.

One of my favorite vacation activities is sitting in church with Rebekah. This morning we slipped in (late) to the First Presbyterian Church in Albany, New York. It's a beautiful building, with stained glass by Tiffany, situated on a lovely park near the center of the city. There were probably a little more than 100 worshipers scattered throughout the spacious old sanctuary.

The service was very formal, and the (visiting) preacher offered what was more of a moral lesson than a message about transformational life in Christ. But the people were friendly, the choir sang beautifully and the church is obviously very much active and alive as a faith community.

The bulk of the day involved driving through amazing scenery. We took 7/9 from Albany, driving east as far as Interstate 91, which we took due north until we picked up 12, right through the heart of the White Mountains.

Around nightfall we arrived at the small community of Jackson, in the middle of the mountains. We plan to be here for the remainder of the week.

Stay tuned....

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